‘peculiar’ Launch Party at Pioneer Book

peculiar launch party collage

At 7pm the program began with a brief introduction by Rock Canyon Poets co-founder Bonnie Shiffler-Olsen.  The co-editors of peculiar, Aaron Gates and Jack Garcia, each read their “Editor’s Foreword.”  Spencer Ballard read “Without Sugar” (61), “Grasshopper Games” (56), and “Red Bull and God” (3).  Brett Kesler read “Grey” (25) and Teasia-Larin Bingham read “Why Hadn’t Anyone Told Me?” (26), including a new introduction to the piece.  Kajsa Nelson read a five-minute excerpt of her fictional short story, “Let Her Go” (15).  Matthew A. Jonassaint read “Jeff Bridges” (36) and a couple of poems not featured in the journal, including “Mixed Tape.”  Hannah Irene wrapped up the peculiar portion of the night with zir reading of “Monogamy” (52) and a thrilling bit of slam poetry entitled “How to be Queer in Utah.”

The remaining fifteen minutes of the evening was an open mic, finishing with a reading by Bonnie Shiffler-Olsen who officially ended the program.

The launch party was a great success and we officially sold out of every print copy of peculiar.  A PDF version will soon be up on the website.

To submit work for volume 1, issue 2, visit us at: http://www.peculiarjournal.com/#!submit/c1p8z

‘peculiar’ on KRCL 90.9

peculiar KRCL 90.9 interviewThursday, C0-Editor Jack Garcia and featured poet Spencer Ballard met with KRCL 90.9‘s Lara Jones for a recorded radio interview.  Lara’s segment, The R.O.I., features “stories of people, non-profits and businesses who create a positive return on investment in the community.”  During the interview, Jack Garcia talked about how peculiar positively impacts the queer community within Utah:

“We want the journal to celebrate queer voices… that are sometimes not very well represented in this state.”

After the brief interview with Lara, Spencer Ballard was given a chance to read his poem “Red Bull and God”:

“He was every plot twist,/ the greatest novel I ever read./ The ellipses I will live with, dying/ for a sequel that can never be written.”

To hear the full interview, visit KRCL’s website: http://www.krcl.org/roi_peculiar/