‘peculiar’ on KRCL 90.9

peculiar KRCL 90.9 interviewThursday, C0-Editor Jack Garcia and featured poet Spencer Ballard met with KRCL 90.9‘s Lara Jones for a recorded radio interview.  Lara’s segment, The R.O.I., features “stories of people, non-profits and businesses who create a positive return on investment in the community.”  During the interview, Jack Garcia talked about how peculiar positively impacts the queer community within Utah:

“We want the journal to celebrate queer voices… that are sometimes not very well represented in this state.”

After the brief interview with Lara, Spencer Ballard was given a chance to read his poem “Red Bull and God”:

“He was every plot twist,/ the greatest novel I ever read./ The ellipses I will live with, dying/ for a sequel that can never be written.”

To hear the full interview, visit KRCL’s website: http://www.krcl.org/roi_peculiar/

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